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A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing PainsExperiencedLong22 Quest points, 3,500 Farming XP, 2,000 Attack XP, 1,000 Magic XP, and a pair of Magic secateurs.
A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a QueenIntermediateMedium23,500 Herblore Xp, 2,500 Thieving Xp, Use of Fairy Rings, XP Lamp that gives 2,500 xp to any skill, and the ability to make Magic Essence, which raises Magic by 3 without the side effects of ale.
A Soul's BaneNoviceShort11 Quest point, 500 Defence XP, 500 Hitpoints XP, 500 Gold coins, and access to the Dungeon of Tolna
A Tail of Two CatsIntermediateMedium2A present (gives a mouse toy and two antique lamps giving 2.5k xp each to any skill). The antique lamps that you get in the Mysterious Present can only be used on skills of level 30 or higher.
Animal MagnetismIntermediateShort11k Crafting XP, 1k Fletching XP, 1k Slayer XP, 2.5k Woodcutting XP, 1 Quest Point, and Ava's device.
Another Slice of H.A.M.IntermediateMedium13k Mining XP, 3k Prayer XP, Ancient goblin mace, Dorgesh-Kaan to Keldagrim train service, and the ability to buy Goblin Village teleport spheres.
Between a Rock...ExperiencedMedium2A golden helmet, the ability to mine gold inside, 5k defense xp, 5k Mining xp, 5K Smithing xp, and a rune pickaxe.
Big Chompy Bird HuntingIntermediateShort2About 735 ranged xp, 262 xp fletching, 1470 xp cooking, ogre bow, and the ability to make Ogre arrows.
BiohazardNoviceLong31250 thieving experience, and the ability to use King Lathas' training field.
Cabin FeverExperiencedMedium22 Quest Points, 7k Smithing xp, 7k Crafting xp, 7k Agility xp, a Little book of Piracy, and 10k gp if you talk to Bill Teach at the end.
Clock TowerNoviceMedium1500 coins.
Cold WarIntermediateMedium12k crafting experience, 5k agility experience, 1.5k construction experience and the ability to create a penguin suit
Contact!MasterMedium11 Quest point, 7000 Thieving XP, two wishes granting 7000 XP in combat skills, Keris, and access to a bank in Sophanem.
Creature of FenkenstrainIntermediateMedium21000 Thieving xp, ring of charos (Allows you to access to the Werewolf Agility dungeon south of the manor).
Darkness of HallowvaleIntermediateLong22 Quest Points, 7k Agility XP, 6K Thieving XP, 2k Construction XP, Tome of Experience with three chapters, 2k XP per chapter on a skill of your choice over level 30.
Death PlateauNoviceMedium13k attack xp, the ability to make claws depending on your smithing level, a pair of steel claws, and membership to the Imperial Forces
Death to the DorgeshuunIntermediateMedium11 Quest Point, 2k Thieving XP, 2k Ranging XP, Dorgeshuun special attacks, entry to HAM storage rooms, and permission to enter Dorgesh-Kaan
Desert TreasureMasterLong320k Magic experience and Ancient Magicks
Devious MindsExperiencedShort15,000 Fletching Xp, 5,000 Runecrafting Xp, and 6,500 Smithing Xp
Digsite QuestIntermediateLong22 Gold Bars, 2,000 Herblore Experience, 15,300 Mining Experience, and of course the ability to Pan and Dig at the Dig Site.
Extra: Show the Curator all Digging Certificates and you can choose between a free Snack (Chocolate Cake) or a Drink (Fruit Blast Cocktail)
Dream MentorExperiencedShort22 quest points, 15k Hitpoints XP, 10k Magic XP, a lamp that gives 15k XP in any combat skill, and access to new lunar spells.
Druidic RitualNoviceMedium4250 herblore xp needed to begin the skill.
Dwarf CannonNoviceShort1Crafting xp, ability to buy a multicannon for 750k, or different pieces for 200k each
Eadgar's RuseExperiencedMedium111k Herblore Experience, ability to Teleport to Trollheim (Level 61 to use and requires 2 Law and 2 Fire Runes)
Eagles' PeakNoviceShort22 Quest Points, 2,500 Hunter XP, the ability to catch ferrets and rabbits, and the ability to ride the eagles from Eagle Peak.
Elemental Workshop INoviceShort1Element Shield (+6 Magic in Defence bonus), 5,000 XP in Crafting, 5,000 XP in smithing.
Elemental Workshop IIIntermediateShort11 Quest Point, 7500 Smithing XP, 7500 Crafting XP, and the Ability to make and equip elemental mind equipment.
Enakhra's LamentExperiencedMedium22 Quest Points, 7000 Crafting, Magic, Mining, and Firemaking XP, and Akthanakos's Camulet.
Enlightened JourneyIntermediateMedium11 Quest Point, 2k Crafting EXP, 3k Farming EXP, 1.5k Woodcutting EXP, 4k Firemaking EXP, and access to the new Balloon transportation system.
Family CrestExperiencedLong1A pair of steel gauntlets (click here to find out how they can be enhanced).
Fight ArenaExperiencedMedium21,000 coins, 2,175 Thieving xp, 12,175 Attack xp
Fishing ContestNoviceShort12437-3225 fishing experience (varies depending on your current XP), access to the underground tunnel of the Mountain Dwarves. Ability to use the 'Scale Catherby Cliff' shortcut if you have level 35 Ranged, 32 Agility, 35 Strength, and items.
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken DwarfIntermediateMedium25000 Farming, 5000 Cooking and 2 Mature Dwarven Stouts.
Garden of TranquillityIntermediateMedium25k Farming experience, 1 Apple tree seed, 1 Acorn, 5 Guam seeds, and a Supercompost potion. The white tree gives a fruit which you can pick. Eating one will regain between 5-10% energy. The Supercompost potion is a potion that makes Supercompost out of Compost. You can only get 1 potion (4), so its smarter that you don't use it on normal Buckets of compost, but instead on compost bins full of Compost to get 15 Supercompost with 1 dose.
Gertrudes CatNoviceShort1Chocolate cake, Stew, approx 1525 cooking exp, and a Kitten.
Ghosts AhoyIntermediateLong2Approx 2400 Prayer xp and Ectophial for teleporting.
Grim TalesMasterShort-Medium11 Quest Point, 4k Farming XP, 5k Herblore XP, 5k Hitpoints XP, 14k Woodcutting XP, 6k Agility XP, 6k Thieving XP, Dwarven helmet
Haunted MineExperiencedMedium222k Strength Experience, Salve Amulet
Hazeel CultNoviceMedium12k gp, a real cool amulet if you side with Clivet, and 1.5k thieving exp.
Heroes QuestExperiencedLong1Access to the Hero's Guild, ability to buy a Dragon battleaxe and Dragon mace. Attack +2825, Defence +2625, Strength +3025, Hits +2775, Ranged +1525, Cooking +2725, Woodcutting +1875, Firemaking +2725, Smithing +2225, Mining +2575, and Herblore +1825.
Holy GrailIntermediateLong215300 Defence experience and 11000 Prayer experience. Possibly more or less depending on your Prayer level.
Horror From The DeepExperiencedShort2A Damaged prayer book of your choice; 4662 Range, Magic and Strength experience
Icthlarin's Little HelperIntermediateMedium2Amulet of Catspeak, 4500 Thieving exp, 4000 Agility exp, and 4000 Woodcutting exp. The amulet of catspeak allows you to talk to your kitten/cat and other peoples kittens/cats. If you lose it you can talk to the Sphinx to get another one.
In Aid of the MyrequeIntermediateMedium22k exp to Attack, Defence, Strength, and Crafting
In Search of the MyrequeIntermediateShort2600 attack, defense, strength, hitpoints, and crafting experience; Quick route to Mort'ton; 2 rubies and 4 big bones (from the skeletal Hellhound you killed)
Jungle PotionNoviceShort1775 herblore xp
Legends QuestMasterLong47650 Exp in 4 chosen skills, entrance to the Legends Guild, and ability to wear Dragon Square Shield (Also you can buy and wear the Legends cape and purchase Flower seeds).
Lost CityExperiencedMedium3Access to Zanaris and the right to wield the Dragon longsword and Dragon dagger
Lost TribeIntermediateMedium13000 Mining Experience, Ring of Life, and Freedom to walk the Dorgeshuun mines.
Lunar DiplomacyIntermediateLong250 Astral runes, 5,000 magic and runecrafting experience, and access to new spells and Astral rune crafting.
Making HistoryIntermediateMedium31k Prayer and Crafting Experience, 750 gold coins, and the ability to use an enchanted key to find buried treasure.
Merlin's CrystalIntermediateLong6Excalibur Sword, Ability to do Holy Grail Quest
Monk's FriendNoviceShort12000 Woodcutting XP and 8 Law runes.
Monkey MadnessMasterVery Long310k gp, 3 Diamonds, 3 Quest points; the ability to wield the Dragon scimitar; talk to Daero to get training in Strength and Hit points OR Attack and Defense. You get 35k experience in the 2 skills of your choice and 20k experience in the other two skills you didn't choose.
Mountain DaughterIntermediate Medium 21k attack Xp, 2k Prayer Xp, Bear Helmet
Mourning's Ends Part IMasterLong225k Thieving Exp, and 25k Hitpoints Exp
Mourning's Ends Part II (The Temple Of Light)MasterLong220k agility exp, Access to the death altar, Crystal trinket (Allows access into the Temple of light).
Murder MysteryNoviceShort32000 coins, and 1406 crafting experience.
My Arm's Big AdventureIntermediateMedium110k Herblore XP, 5k Farming XP, usage of My Arm's farming patch in which you can plant any type of seed, plus your herbs won't get diseased.
Nature SpiritNoviceMedium22k defence, 2k hitpoints, 3k crafting exp, a Blessed Silver Sickle, and a Druid Pouch, and with it ability to kill Ghasts in swamp.
Observatory QuestNoviceShort23250 Crafting xp, a Jug of wine, a random reward depending on what constellation you see and a book on astrology (no good use).
Olaf's QuestIntermediateShort11 Quest point, access to brine rat cave, 20k coins, 4 rubies, and 12k Defence XP
One Small FavourIntermediateLong22 rewards lamps granting 10k exp in skills of your choice, Glider ride from Feldip Hills, Key ring, ability to make pot lids from clay.
Plague CityNoviceLong12425 mining xp, and a Magic Scroll which tells you that you can now cast the Ardougne teleport, providing you have the magic level and the runes
Priest in PerilNoviceMedium1Wolfbane, A special silver dagger that prevents werewolves from shapeshifting into wolves when attacked, 1,406 prayer experience, and access to a new town.
Rag and Bone ManNoviceShort11 Quest Point, 500 Cooking experience, and 500 Prayer experience.
Rat CatchersIntermediateMedium24.5k Thieving Xp, Access to the Rat Pits, and having unlocked Wiley and Lazy cats.
Recipe for DisasterMasterLong10
10 Quest Points
10,000 Agility exp (King Awowogei)
28,000 Cooking exp(All Subquests give some xp)
3,500 Crafting exp (1,000 Goblins, 1,000 Pirate Pete, 1,500 Skrach)
1,000 Farming exp (Goblins)
1,000 Fishing: (Pirate Pete)
4,000 Hit Points exp (Sir Amik Varze)
2,500 Magic exp (Lumbridge Guide)
1,500 Ranging exp (Skrach)
1,000 Slayer exp (Dwarf)
1,000 Smithing exp (Pirate Pete)
1,500 Woodcutting exp (Skrach)
A Red Lamp that gives 20,000 exp to any skill over 50 of your choice (Final Battle)
Ability to make Spicy Stew (Evil Dave)
Ability to cast Teleport to Ape Atoll Spell, Ability to cook Stuffed Snake, Access to Monkey Agility Course (King Awowogei)
Access to Mogre Camp, Ability to craft Crab Claw and Crab Helmet (Pirate Pete)
Ability to hunt Jubbly birds (Skrach)
Access to Evil Chicken's Lair (Sir Amik Varze)
Access to the Culinaromancer's Chest
Recruitment DriveNoviceShort11000 Prayer exp, 1000 Herblore exp, and 1000 Agility exp, Gaze of Saradomin, Temple knights initate helmet, 3000gp, and if you were a male when you began the quest you will get a Makeover voucher (good for 1 free makeover).
RegicideMasterLong313k Agility Experience, 15000 coins, and the ability to buy and wield the Dragon Halberd.
Roving ElvesMasterShort110k Strength exp, 1 free partly-used Crystal bow or Crystal shield
Royal TroubleExperiencedMedium/Long15,000 Slayer, Agility, and Hitpoints XP, and 20k gp.
Rum DealExperiencedMedium27k Farming, Prayer and Fishing experience, Holy Wrench
Scorpion CatcherIntermediateLong16625 Strength Exp, Thormac will enchant battlestaffs for you for 40,000 gp
Sea SlugIntermediateShort1Oyster pearls, 7175 fishing xp
Shades Of Mort'tonIntermediateShort32,000 Herblore XP and the ability to go down into temple north of the General Shop. Taking the Diary to the Apothecary in Varrock earns one-time additional herblore xp (may vary: I got 335 xp). Some people also get Crafting XP.
Shadow of the StormIntermediateMedium1Darklight's sword, and you can pick 1 of the 6 combat skills to receive 10,000 experience in (Attack, Strength, Defense, Hitpoints, Magic, or Range).
Sheep HerderNoviceShort (But can be frustrating and take longer)43100gp.
Shilo VillageExperiencedLong23915 Crafting experience. Ability to get into Shilo Village.
Slug MenaceIntermediateMedium11 Quest Point, 3,500 Crafting XP, 3,500 Runecrafting XP, 3,500 Thieving XP, and Promotion to Proselyte.
Spirits of the ElidIntermediateMedium28000 Prayer exp, 1000 Thieving exp, 1000 Magic exp, and use of the Nardah shrine for prayer. Praying at the shrine restores full prayer and health, then gives a temporary 10% bonus to hit points.
Swan SongMasterMedium22 Quest Points, 10k Prayer xp, 15k Magic xp, 10k Fishing xp, 25k coins, and Access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.
Tai Bwo Wannai TrioIntermediateLong2Reward: 2k Coins, 5k Fishing and Cooking exp, 2.5k Attack and Strength exp; when you talk to the three sons in their huts after the quest is finished, they will each give you the experience rewards plus some items. One son gives you a Rune spear(kp) (and the combat exp), another teaches you how to correctly cook marinated Jogre bones (and cooking exp), and the other teaches you how to cook/fish Karambwan (cooking/fishing exp).
Tears of GuthixIntermediateShort11000xp in Crafting, and access to the Tears of Guthix cave.
Temple of IkovExperiencedLong110500 Ranged exp, 8000 Fletching exp, Boots of lightness, ability to train in Temple of Ikov
The Eyes of GlouphrieIntermediateMedium2250 Construction XP, 12k Magic XP, 6k Runecrafting XP, 2.5k Woocutting XP, A small crystal seed (enchant it at the Singing bowl to make a Crystal Saw!), and 2 Quest points.
The FeudIntermediateMedium1Blackjack, 15,000 Thieving xp, Desert disguise, 500 coins and an Adamant scimitar (Adamant scimitar gotten as drop from Bandit champion (lvl 70))
The Fremennik IslesExperiencedLong11 Quest Point, 14K coins, 10K XP in any 2 combat skills, 5K Crafting XP, 5k Construction XP, 10k Woodcutting XP, Fremennik royal helm, and access to a runite vein.
The Fremennik TrialsIntermediateLong32813 experience in strength, attack, defence, hitpoints, crafting, agility, thieving, fletching, woodcutting, and fishing. Ability to speak and trade with Fremennik villagers and steal from stalls. You keep the lyre you make, which can be re-enchanted to teleport you to Rellekka (see note at end of the guide). Ability to access Miscellania and Etceteria via boat ride.
The Giant DwarfIntermediateMedium2Ability to use the new carts, 2500 Mining exp, 2500 Smithing exp, 2500 Crafting exp, 1500 Magic exp, 1500 Firemaking exp, and 1500 Thieving exp.
The GolemIntermediateMedium11k Crafting experience and 1k Thieving experience; if you bring a Hammer and Chisel and use it on the Demons Throne you will receive 6 Gems: 2 Rubies 2 Emeralds and 2 Sapphires.
The Grand TreeExperienced.Long.5Around 11200 Agility experience (the exp varies!), 18400 attack experience, 2150 mage experience. Ability to use Spirit Tree teleport from Gnome Stronghold (assuming Tree Gnome Village Quest is complete.) Also, you are able to use the Gnome Gliders after you complete this quest.
The Great Brain RobberyExperiencedMedium22 Quest points, Barrelchest anchor, Blessed lamp and prayer book, 6000 Prayer XP, 2000 Construction XP, and 3000 Crafting XP.
The Hand in the SandExperiencedMedium11000 Thieving XP, 9000 Crafting XP, and Bert will deliver 84 buckets of sand to your bank daily if you talk to him!
The Tourist TrapIntermediateLong2Ana will give you a Wrought Iron Key useful for getting to a Mith and Addy mine in the Mining Camp; Irena will give you the choice of free exp in 2 skills - Agility, Thieving, Smithing, or Fletching (the higher your level the better the exp; also, you can choose the same skill twice!); Ability to make darts.
The Underground PassExperiencedLong53000 Agility xp, 3000 Attack xp, Staff of Iban, 15 Death runes, 30 Fire runes, the right to use Iban Blast and access to the Underground pass.
Throne of MiscellaniaExperiencedMedium1Your very own kingdom to manage! and 10k gp (speak to the adviser, select see how you're going, and in coffers there is 10k, withdraw it).
Tower of LifeNoviceShort22 Quest Points, 1000 Construction XP, 500 Crafting XP, 500 Thieving XP, and access to Creature Creation!
Tree Gnome VillageIntermediateLong2A Gnome amulet of protection, about 11500 attack xp, and the ability to use the Spirit trees to travel.
Tribal TotemIntermediateMedium1Approx 1775 Thieving experience, and 5 Cooked Swordfish.
Troll RomanceExperiencedMedium28K agility exp, 4K strength exp, 4 uncut emeralds, 2 uncut rubies, 1 uncut diamond, and a sled.
Troll StrongholdExperiencedMedium1Law Talisman, and once you have freed the captured man you can trade him logs for stews up on the hill.
Wanted!IntermediateShort15k Slayer Experience, access to the White Knight Armoury, and various items from the "Slow Teleport."
Watch TowerIntermediateLong45000gp, 15250 Magic exp, abilty to use Level 58 Watchtower teleport.
Waterfall QuestIntermediateLong140 mithril seeds (allows you to grow flowers), 2 cut diamonds, 2 gold bars, 13750 experience to attack and 13750 experience to strength.
What Lies BelowIntermediateMedium11 Quest Point, 8,000 Runecrafting exp, 2,000 Defence exp, Beacon Ring, Knowledge of Chaos Shortcut.
Witch's HouseIntermediateMedium46325 Hitpoints exp.
Zogre Flesh EatersIntermediateLong1Ability to make Brutal Arrows and Cure disease potions, 2k of Ranged, Fletching, and Herblore exp, and 2000 gp for giving the Black Prism to the wizard or 5000 gp for giving it to Yanni Salika at Shilo Village. Uglug nar will buy the relicym balm (4) for 1k (1000) gp, only once (this is once you have made it on the quest).


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